My 85 yr old mom from Illinois came down to visit recently and I took her to our beach house. She is in awe of you and can’t fathom how you can possibly put rooms together like you have for me using the internet! I just love our place!! Mary Helen O.


About 7 years ago I paid someone to assist me with choosing some items for my home and I wasn’t satisfied with the outcome that I received. As I searched online for help I came across Cathleen’s contact information for interior design services. I gave her a call and she explained her services in greater detail. I love going to open houses and used to go pretty often. Not to buy a home but I love the feel of well put together home.

When I came across Cathleen’s information and read her bio I was a little excited but a bit hesitant as I wondered how she would pull this off by simply looking at pictures, taking measurements and asking questions as we lived in two different states. After talking to her I felt I would give the interior design process one more shot.

After Cathleen received the necessary information. I received a package that included a design that seemed to understand me and what I wanted to experience when I came home after a long day. I was very pleased with her work, and her design package spoke to her level of expertise.

Several years later when I sold my property. The gentleman that purchased it mentioned to me that he had come to see my property after he saw it online because he thought it was the model home for our development. This home didn’t have any upgrades only the implemented design plan from Cathleen. At that moment, I promised myself that when I bought another home after calling my mother, I would contact Cathleen.
Fast forward a few years later. I was in the process of purchasing my home and searched for Cathleen’s email. When I emailed her, the email kept coming back as being undeliverable. I thought I was going to have a heart attack because I could not imagine having to decorate my home without her.

I finally decided to look for her number and left a message for her to call me. I received a call back and was very excited to hear her voice.  My husband and I purchased a virtual design plan for our entry, dining room, living room and master bedroom. We received an online package which included a layout of our room (s), complete with a shopping list with detailed information and a word about the choices Cathleen made for our design. Everything we needed to implement the design was at our fingertips. I cannot tell you how pleased my husband and I are with our final design packages. Cathleen is an expert in her field and an absolute professional. She is amazing at what she does and a joy to work with. She always responds to my calls and emails in a timely manner. Everyone needs a Cathleen in their life. Your experience with her will change the look and feel of your home. You will not only love coming home but will love sharing it with friends and family.

We are still in the process of purchasing some of the items from our design shopping list. We are excited to see our home come together in such a beautiful way. We plan to use Cathleen’s services for other areas in the house and will recommend her to anyone we come across looking to change their house into a beautiful home. Janet S.


Absolutely beautiful job! I could not be happier (except maybe for not being able to implement as soon as I had planned; my 20 yr old a/c unit bit the dust & had to be replaced while awaiting my design plan. Financially, comfort trumps beauty…but at least I have a plan!)  Cathleen totally captured the soft yet updated look I was hoping for achieving in my bedroom, with specific paint colors that I could extend into my master bath for a total coordinated suite. Just seeing the various components together (and knowing these items are ACTUALLY available with a click of the mouse!) is a huge step. I always loved the popular cable show where a couple falls in love with a room but can’t afford the beautiful items it takes to create it. In steps creative shopping to get the same look on a budget…and the dream becomes a reality. THAT’s what House Candy provided for me! A dream within reach! Highly recommended! Karen C.


It went great. She was very attentive. She answered you right away. She made phone calls that she probably didn’t need to make. She was very good. She was very professional. I would contact her again. It was very reasonable. Tricia H.


Helped get me out of the decorating doldrums.  I contacted Cathleen at House Candy for suggestions about redesigning my adjoining living/TV room area as I had grown bored with it.  I was initially contacted by Cathleen via email to provide answers to a well-thought out questionnaire about what I wanted to accomplish; i.e., favorite colors, whether I wanted to purchase furniture, etc. Cathleen replied in a very timely manner and we then had telephone contact as well.  I took pictures for Cathleen at her request to aid her in helping me change things up a bit.  I told her I lived in Florida and wanted to keep the Tommy Bahama feel but had tired of my décor.  WELL, Cathleen went to town and within 2 weeks I had received back a beautifully executed design of a before and after look for my room. The quality of the presentation was very impressive. I LOVED 99% of her suggestions.  Donna G.


I commute between Houston and FL for my work as a software engineer. I occasionally entertain clients at home and needed professional help. I saw Cathleen’s credentials online and was impressed with her sophisticated yet comfortable decorating style. I did not want the average over the top Texas excess and needed someone who I could trust to get the job done. Cathleen did it! She listened to my requests and came prepared for the first consultation. She wowed me with a computer presentation detailing layout and suggestions within my budget. She provided impeccable furnishing options and coordinating fabric and window treatments. I agreed and trusted her to do the job. The peace of mind was worth the investment. Ms. Williams did for me what I did not have time to do.. Everything went so smoothly. I gave her access to my condo in the Galleria while I was in Florida. In return, Cathleen exceeded my expectations. When the project was completed we met at my condo Saturday afternoon. I had no words for what she had done. It was simply breathtaking. From the color pallet to the crown molding to the wall hangings and coordinating pillows. Just beautiful. House Candy delivered far more than I anticipated. I am so happy I contacted Cathleen. Now when my clients stop by I am delighted to invite them in. I would absolutely recommend House Candy to my clients and friends.  Leslie T.

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