When do I have to pay for my room design plan?

Once you select your package, you will be able to pay at that time.  When payment has been received, we will begin working on your room.

How long will it take to receive my room design plan?

Please allow up to 3 weeks to receive your completed room design plan.

What kinds of rooms do you currently design?

We currently design the following room types:

Entry Ways

Living Rooms

Dining Rooms

Family Rooms


Recreation Rooms

Home Office/Study

Why are your room plans so affordable?

One reason is that initially, you do much of the work by providing us with photos, measurements and other information. Then after the design plan is complete, you become the project manager handling everything that is required to implement the design. With full service interior design, every aspect of the project is handled by the designer, from concept to installation.

What if I would like some additional help after I receive my design plan?

We will happily work with you on any additional items on an hourly basis.

Do you offer any kind of guarantee or return policy?

Although we don’t offer a return policy, we want you to be happy with your design plan. We will work with you to resolve any concerns you may have.

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